People are concerned about what they include in their diet these days. Working out, preferring organically-grown fruits and vegetables and following a food-disciplined lifestyle is what people are opting for.

Oil plays a crucial part in every person’s diet. And we believe they choose to live free from chemicals and preservatives, retaining natural flavor and authenticity of the oil extracted without the use of mass-manufacturing machines. This is sure to enhance the taste of your favorite recipes. It is time to switch from your regular cooking oil to cold-pressed oil. Are you ready to make the change?

#636419WHY BUY FROM US ?

THENAN was started with the aim of delivering high-end, quality cooking oil without compromising on purity. We are one of the most prominent cold-pressed oil manufacturers from traditional Madurai, responsive towards customer lives, enriching their livelihoods by providing a healthier solution to their lifestyle. We reinstate a long-established practice of extracting oil by grinding seeds and nuts using wood and stone (chekku). We use premium select seeds and nuts to extract the oil. The product comes in fine packaging, delivered at your doorstep. We ship all over India to promote a healthy lifestyle.