Sesame oil


Savour every bite

One of the healthiest cooking oil choices, sesame oil presents you with a lot of qualities to check off from your best-cooking-oil-list. The best sesame oils are a deep gold colour, with the trademark nutty smell – which, of course, is what we provide you at Thenan’s. Sesame oils have a high smoke point making them great for a wide variety of cooking. Thenan Unrefined Sesame oil is made from organic sesame seeds, toasted in the sun and extracted with the flavour intact. Rich in anti- oxidants, Vitamin B6 and a variety of minerals, such as magnesium, copper, and calcium, sesame oil has always been the choice for good health.

Sesame oil - 500ml( Pet bottle)
200.00 185.00
Sesame oil - 1 liter ( Pet bottle)
400.00 375.00
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Product name

Sesame cold pressed oil


500ml( Pet bottle), 1 liter ( Pet bottle)

Processing type

Cold pressed (chekku)


No preservatives, no added chemicals


Sesame seeds, jaggery (karupatti)

Max shelf live

6 months


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