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THENAN OILS : Manufactures pure, chemical free healthy cold pressed Sesame, Groundnut, Coconut Oils, cold pressed Almond Oil, Cow Ghee, Paneer, Wheat atta, Dhaniya Powder, Chilli powder and Turmeric powder. Thenan oil was established on January 2018 with an ambitious goal to reintroduce the healthy lifestyle of using the traditional chemical free cold-pressed oils. The scarce availability of chemical free and quality cooking oils in the market led us to establish our company in the name of M/s. RG FOOD PRODUCTS. Thenan oils manufacture the products at it’s own industry premises under strict hygienic conditions. Please go through our product description below.
GINGELLY OIL : Best Quality Sesame seeds are Cold pressed with Karupatti and kept in sunlight for natural sedimentation. Thenan Gingelly oils’ color might vary depending upon the Sesame Seeds. No additives are used to balance the color.
GROUNDNUT OIL : Best quality Groundnuts are cold pressed and kept under Sun-light for natural sedimentation.
COCONUT OIL : Sulphur free coconuts are cold pressed and keep it in Sun-light for natural sedimentation. Can be used for both cooking and external application.
ALMOND OIL : Best quality Almonds are cold-pressed and naturally sedimented. Safe on your hair and skin.
COW GHEE : Cow milk is sourced from farmers, the cream is extracted and melted with Drumstick leaves, Curry leaves, & Cumin seeds. Free from additives.
PANEER : Manufactured from Cow Milk, no milk solids is added. No preservatives are added to increase the shelf-life. Instead it is Vaccum sealed.
WHEAT ATTA : Only best quality Wheat is crushed. No refined flour is added.
MASALAS : Turmeric Powder, Dhaniya Powder and Chilli Powder are manufactured in our industry premises under strict hygienic conditions. No colors and no other additives.


Quality Assurance
Unlike other companies which just look to push their products, our pricing reflects on the
superior quality of what we produce.
Premium Products
We prioritize the quality and packaging, and offer our products for best prices.
Timely Delivery
Hygiene Process
We manufacture and pack the products under perfectly hygienic conditions…
100% Natural
100 percent natural means “that all ingredients used are from a natural source and a natural
Perfect Packing
To ensure that our customers get the best quality product, we lay emphasis on hygienic